"I can walk and continue to ride because I was wearing a Hit-Air air vest when my 18.5 hand, six year old Selle Francais gelding spooked, took off for home and inadvertently threw me against a cement fence. The trauma doctors couldn't understand how I took such a severe fall (point of impact was the area of my right kidney) without any broken ribs or even displaced vertebrae! This was the best investment I've ever made in a piece of horse equipment. Everyone who rides should wear these. Thank you very much for sending it to me!!"

Elizabeth de Lavalette
Versailles, France
October, 2011


"You saved my life. Literally. I had a catastrophic riding accident two years ago where I fractured my skull, broke my C1 in two places, and broke four thoracic vertebrae. Fortunately, all mended well and I'm 100% again. However; doctors ordered absolutely no more riding as I would not be lucky the next time. Did I listen? No. What I did do is order the Hit Air vest (it's the only way my husband would let me on the horse again). The advanced technology and the clear descriptions made me trust in this equipment...I was literally betting my life on it.

Well yesterday, a stupid armadillo decided to run out and under my horse. You can image the results. Yes, I went off. I was lying on the ground watching my mare take off for home when I realized that not only wasn't I dead, but nothing hurt!! I got up, did an internal check, did a happy dance and took off after the horse. Yes, she's fine too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Being able to ride keeps me sane. Being able to ride securely keeps my family sane."

Cidney Kent
Clermont, FL
April 2011


"I have seen the Hit Air bag work to two different times to save riders from being injured in a fall.

I have clients who want to ride cross country, jumping obstacles. I was watching from my own horse as my student cantered toward a jump in a large 100 acre field. He cantered about 50 yards across the field and turned back toward me to jump a practice fence. My horse turned his head as if to walk; I looked down at him and as i turned his head back--I heard an unfamiliar sound. When I looked up, my client was standing on the ground holding his horses empty bridle and his horse was running across the field bridle-less.

Approaching the jump, his horse propped his front legs causing my client to fly off over the top of his horses head. In that instant I had looked down, the fall had happenedclip-image002.jpg; the air bag had deployed, and my client was standing and unharmed before I realized what happened. I rode to him, he was laughing and saying "It worked, it worked", talking about his vest. The next day we rode together in this hunter pace. He is wearing his vest in the picture.

The second time I saw the vest work, a client was practicing one-rein stops while riding a hot Arab horse. As well as riding English, we integrate other methods. I had other riders in the arena. As I worked with another rider, I head an unfamiliar noise behind me. Another rider said, "ut, oh". I turned my head and saw the Arab's rider on the ground. The horse had stumbled, she tipped forward, lost her balance and fell to the ground over the horses shoulder.

In his attempt to not fall with her, the horse stepped on her as well. She had no injuries or bruising where the vest was, but was later had bad bruising on her inner thigh and imprints of the horses foot. The vest protected her body when she fell, and if she had been stepped on where the vest was, there was no bruising or traces of impact. I am recommending these vest to all my clients".

June, 2010
Christine Amber
Research Consultant


"I DID THE VIDEO for the hit-air vest, and I was amazed at how well it works. I am a salesman, not a stuntman, and after 3 takes of me falling off of the horse, I was not hurt at all. The vest protected me so well that I was not sore at all, even the next day. When the tether pulled loose from the vest, it instantly inflated and cushioned my fall. It is also very easy to deflate and return to normal size as all you have to do is unscrew the empty CO2 cartridge and snap down the neck and pelvis supports. I highly recommend this vest for anyone that values their safety and wants the best protection against injury available."

May, 2006
Anthony Giacabone
Southeast Account Sales Executive and Classified Sales
Manager & Support for