Replacement red slide for the keybox

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  • Click below to follow instructions for red-slide replacement. To Replace red slide on Keybox with images

    How To Replace Red slide on Keybox

  • Step 1) Remove CO2 canister, then remove key ball using the hex wrench to turn the bolt slightly to ease the pressure of the spring to make it easier to remove the key ball. Step 2) Remove the two screws on the upper and lower brackets that secures the key box. See Figure 1.
  • Step 3) Pull the key box out of the vest. Keep this area free of dirt and debris and keep the black O ring clean. Figure 2 is the key box removed See Figure 2
  • Step 4) Carefully unscrew the black bottom cap that contains the spring, Do not remove spring. Now you can remove the broken red slide. note the grove on the red slide to know how to replace the new slide on the notch on the key box. See figure 3
  • Step 5) Slide the red slide off taking note of the notch on the key box and the groove on the slide so that you can align them when you install the new slide. Install the new red slide. See figure 4
  • Step 6) Screw the cap back on the bottom of the key box and insert the key box back into the vest.
  • Step 7) Reinstall the upper and lower brackets to secure the key box to the vest
  • Step 8) Reinstall the key ball into the key box
  • Step 9) Slide red slide to the up position
  • Step 10) Install new canister.