HS5 Long Season Airbag Jacket

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Sporty design with the superb functionality of ventilation and reflector suitable for long season use. An upgrade from the HS-3.

The "Hit Air" jacket uses CE certified armor to protect the shoulders, elbows and the spine but most importantly, the "Hit Air" jacket also incorporates an air cushion system. In the event of an accident and a rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the air cushion instantly inflates (within 0.5 second) to protect the rider's body.
Activation is simple and automatic. A coiled wire is attached to both the motorcycle and the jacket. Once the rider and the motorcycle are separated, the coiled wire pulls a "key" out of a gas release system and inert gas inflates the air cushion.
The inflated jacket provides the necessary impact protection. After a few seconds the gas is automatically released through the gas release valve.
The "Hit Air" jacket with its instant activation and attractive style is the ultimate jacket for motorcyclists!

  • S-System (rapid deployment of airbag system) installed.
  • Material: Air Guard (Nylon)
  • Lining: Polyester Mesh
  • Airbag Tube: Polyurethane
  • Colors: Black and Black-Red
  • Weight: 2.2kg (~5 pounds)
  • INCLUDED: Gas Cartridge: 50cc
  • INCLUDED: Coiled wire
  • INCLUDED: NEW CE elbow, shoulder HEXA PADDING.
  • INCLUDED: inner back padding "soft type"
  • Optional: B-Liner 5 can be worn under the jacket as a protection against the bitter cold and wind.
  • Please allow 7 to 10 business days for shipping.