Hit-Air VHR Light Weight fast inflating Airbag Vest

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  • The NEW 2016 VHR all in one airbag, a simple structure with great results.
  • Designed to be wore OVER your riding apparel. A fast 0.09 deployment time will inflate the neck airbag first and then the rest.
  • Material: 600D Polyester, LUMIDEX(Reflex), Polyester mesh
  • Airbag Tube: Polyurethane
  • Color: Black
  • Small (corresponds with 2XS-S)
    Gas Cartridge/50cc, Weight/0.95kg
    Medium (corresponds with S-L)
    Gas Cartridge/50cc, Weight/1.0kg
    Large (corresponds with L-2XL)
    Gas Cartridge/60cc, Weight/1.1k



HarnessBackPadd Harness Back Padding Harness Back Padding    
CEBackPaddingLW CE Back Padding LW (Light Weight) CE Back Padding LW (Light Weight)    
All-In-One-ChestPadd2 All-In-One Chest Padding 2 All-In-One Chest Padding 2    
SeparateChestPadd Separate Chest Padding Separate Chest Padding    
HC-ChestProtec Honeycomb Chest Protector Honeycomb Chest Protector    
HA-Cartridge Hit Air Replacement Cartridge Hit Air Replacement Cartridge    
SidePadding Side padding for harness type models Side padding for harness type models