Hit Air Replacement Cartridge

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Retail: $26.00 (30cc); $28.00 (48cc and 50cc); $30.00 (60cc)

  • Cartridges or canisters will last indefinitely but should be replaced with the first sign of rust or surface deterioration.
  • Each jacket comes with a handy tool to complete the replacement quickly and easily.
  • Sizes available:
    30cc for Kid's Vest, FR and SV.
    48cc for LV and SV2.
    50cc for Vests: JV, MC, MC2, Advantage (S-XL)
    60cc for MLV, Advantage (2XL-5XL)
    100cc for HP.

    **This product ships only by Ground**

Replacement parts and warranty information:

To ensure a valid warranty, Hit-air products must be purchased at a Hit-air Dealer (USA dealers only). If you're not sure a dealer is "authorized," call toll free 1-877-989-3282 and ask us. eBay is not an authorized dealer! The warranty is not transferable, that means it applies only to the original purchaser. If you purchase your Hit-air apparel from a private individual, that product is considered "used" and has NO factory warranty, no matter what the seller implies. We reserved the right to sell replacement parts and accessories to customers who purchased the Hit-Air from authorized dealers only.