Hit Air Neck Airbag Harness

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Buffer a shock to the neck. Harness type neck airbag.

Hit-Air airbag instantly inflates when a rider is thrown from the mortocycle. At that moment the key ball is pulled out from the key box, the airbag deploys instantly.
  • Deployment time about 0.25 second
  • Wearable over an ordinary jacket.
  • Wearable in any season as a protector.
  • Optional: Chest, Back or Side protectors (see below graphic)
  • Adjustable with side-belts.
  • Material Outshell : 600D (Polyester)
  • Mesh(Polyester)
  • Ripstop(Nylon)
  • Airbag Tube : Polyurethane
  • Color : Black
  • Size(EU,US) :
    S (corresponds with XS - S)
    L (corresponds with M - 2XL)
  • Gas Cartridge: 30cc
  • Weight(L size): 2 pounds (800g )







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