Hit Air G5 Protector Glove

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  • Very good fit and mobility.
  • Safety features: Molded knuckle padding, Leather shirring.
  • Soft and abrasion resistant artificial suede/Chamude
  • Nonslip polyurethane material for good fingertip mobility.
  • Triangle Protect At a violent fall, a shock on the palm is reduced, absorbed and dispersed by sliding of this protector. (see brochure below)
  • Material: Goat skin, Goat Nappa, New spandex, Chamude.
  • Available colors and sizes (check measurement chart at the bottom of the page):
    Grey: US sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge
    Red: US sizes: Small, Large and XLarge
    White: US sizes: Small, Large and XLarge
    Black: US sizes: Only Small