All-In-One Chest Padding 2

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MAP: $40.00
  • Soft Velcro to be sewn onto the wear other than hit-air is supplied with the hit-air.
  • To attach to any other jacket or vest, sew the Velcro (female)- supplied with the hit-air-onto it.
  • Size: width 260mm x height 270mm
  • Color: black
  • Material: Polypropylene (hollow structure)
  • Weight: 270 gr
Code Name Image Price  
SeparateChestPadd Separate Chest Padding Separate Chest Padding    
HC-ChestProtec Honeycomb Chest Protector Honeycomb Chest Protector    
HC-ChestProtecBELT Honeycomb Chest Protector with BELT Honeycomb Chest Protector with BELT